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Meet the ‘Coolest Mom/Dad’ in the world - YOU.

MomDad Admin

You may not believe it, you may even be full of doubts, but to your child, you are the coolest mom and dad in the world. 
Now, their views may be tested with time as they grow (beware the teenage rebels :) 
But while they are young and under your love, care and protection, no one else is cooler for them. Not even Avengers or Queen Elsa. 
Whether you become parents by choice, through answered prayers or by sheer luck, you have been blessed by one of the most wonderful gifts of your life. 
You deserve to celebrate it. 
They say it takes a lifetime to be a good parent. These are no easy shoes to fill. 
After becoming a parent, you are never alone. 
There is always someone whom you must protect and care for... someone to love more than you ever thought was possible. 
And for that little version of you, you are larger than life. 
Someone to trust, love and believe in for life. 
And therein lies your responsibility. 
When they trust you with everything, it’s up to you to do justice to it. 
Once you become a parent, every moment, every effort you make is dedicated towards the fulfilment of this responsibility. 
Be it providing a healthy lifestyle, a safe environment, world-class education or entertainment. 
You’ll find yourself forgetting your favourite recipes and cooking their favourite ones all the time. 
You’ll wear an old shirt but buy them their favourite toys, no matter the cost. 
You won’t leave any stone unturned to fulfil their smallest wish. 
And when it comes to their health, you will be strict and insist on discipline. 
Hands must be washed before meals. Plates, especially your child’s must be sparkling clean, no matter how many times they need to be washed. 
The floor must be rid of insects and harmful bacteria, after all, it is your child’s indoor playground. 
Being a responsible parent, you do so many things to take care of your family. 
But there is one thing that you may have ignored. 
Unknowingly, you have invited a host of harmful chemicals and toxins into your home. 
Most of the home and personal care products available in the market today - products like floor cleaner, dish wash, hand wash, mosquito repellent, hand sanitizers, toilet cleaners, soaps, etc. 
contain shocking amounts of harmful chemicals. 
They pose a serious health risk and you would be smart to avoid them. 
Immediate side-effects of these chemicals may not be noticed, but prolonged use of these chemicals hurts for sure. 
So why take a chance? What gives us the right to play with our family's health? 
Aren’t we breaking their trust, if we are allowing these harmful chemicals into our homes every day? 
Are we really the ‘Coolest MomDads’ then? 
Aren’t we supposed to protect and take care of our loved ones? 
It’s time to live up to the ideal that our children hold us to. 
It’s time to be responsible parents who not only care and protect but do so lovingly. 
It’s time to read the labels and be more aware. 
It’s time to be decisive and choose the most gentle, loving care for your loved ones. 
After all, loving and caring for your family will never stop being ‘cool’. 

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