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The secret ingredient in 'the world's best dal' is not what you add. It’s what you don’t.

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All moms and dads are different.
Some moms wear pants. And some dads wear cooking aprons.
Whatever role you play, when you enter the kitchen, you have one goal.
To cook the most nutritious and delicious food for your family.
That’s one of your ways of loving them.
And you may be cooking a feast, or cooking something as humble as dal.
But you want it to be the best in the world.
Nothing else will do for your family, your kids.
So here’s a recipe for ‘the world’s best dal’ for you.
Take 2 cups of Tur dal (or any lentil you prefer) in a bowl. Of course, we recommend organic
produce only.
Wash it well till the cloudy water clears and let it soak in the water for some time.
Now prepare for the tadka. You’ll need curry leaves, jeera, garlic, ginger, turmeric, 2 green
chilies and salt to taste.
Keep the pan on a stove, add some nice desi ghee. Once heated, add the tadka ingredients one
by one. Then add the dal, stir well and bring it to boil.
Then reduce the flame and let it simmer for about 15/20 mins, till the dal becomes soft. Add salt
to taste and garnish it with fresh coriander leaves before serving.

The best dal in the world is ready.
Pretty simple, right?
Not exactly.
Are you sure the secret ingredient has not slipped in it?
Actually, it is more like secret ingredients, there could be more than one in your dal.

Many dish wash bars, liquids, and gels leave a residue of harmful chemicals, cleaning agents and preservatives that could slip into your food undetected.
Depending upon which products you use and how well you wash, the amounts may vary, but often the traces remain.
Now, the exact quantity of this residue may be big or small.
But tell me something, what is the ‘acceptable’ amount of this residue in your food for you?
Can any amount be acceptable?
You are taking the time out of a busy schedule to cook for your family. You tell your family
members to avoid outside food because home-cooked food is healthier, right?
And then, these secret ingredients, unwanted residue, and harmful chemicals slip in and
compromise the health of your family.
Even if we assume that they are in very minute quantities, imagine ingesting these harmful
secret ingredients every day with every single meal.
Scary thought, right?
We believe so.
And that’s why we urge you to start using 100% toxin-free home care products.
Products that value your family’s wellbeing as much as you do.
Because the only secret ingredient your family deserves in their food is pure love.


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