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The Mom Dad behind MomDad

Hi, I am Umesh…  And I’m Bhakti.                          

We are the couple behind MomDad, and we are happy to meet you :)

This story began when we first realized that being a parent is not easy. Like everyone else, the realisation came when we actually became parents. No one prepares you for this.

Till then, our world revolved around the two of us. We were a happy couple devoted to each other and dedicated to our work, trying to achieve all things possible in the world. All that changed when a cute little boy entered our life.That’s when we became a real family.

Not that we didn’t have our parents and siblings, but in very real terms we became responsible for someone. Now we had to nurture, take care and protect a new life. This is where things started getting a little complex.

As parents, we started doing everything possible to make sure that we are doing our job properly. Dancing with him like a crazy, singing songs to him, cooking the healthiest food we ever cooked, getting him fancy toys (but not too many), and getting all sorts of baby care products to keep our son healthy and happy.

We became more cautious and careful about everything that we fed him or gave him. That thought was always top of our minds.

One such day, Bhakti was preparing to serve us lunch.

We noticed a visible residue of something on the plates. Dishes were not thoroughly clean. And we started blaming our maid.

But that was not the case. When we asked her about it, our maid told us that this was the residue of the dishwash gel, which won’t come off easily and she really can’t do anything about it.

Curious, we started investigating the dishwash gel. We had never done anything like this before. Then again, we had never been parents before.

You won’t believe what we found.

The ingredients listed in the dishwash gel included many harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients and colours; all part of the very thing that we use to wash our dinner plates with so we can eat healthy. Imagine the irony.

On one side we want to keep our family healthy and happy. Doing everything in our capacity so that our child gets the best of everything and grows up to be a good human being.

And on the other side were these harmful chemicals. Floor cleaners, dishwash gels, hand wash liquids, soaps, mosquito repellents, and other home and personal care products that were full of ingredients that made us cringe. The worst part was, we had bought these poisons willingly in to our home. We didn’t know any better back then. So we asked ourselves, how can we provide our child a more natural and healthy environment, right at home?

This question marked the turning point in our lives. As parents, we believe, it is our responsibility to protect our children and we will do whatever it takes. So, we started looking for non-toxic, natural home care products in the market.

To begin with, there weren’t that many choices. And the ones we found, we were not satisfied with the quality of the brands behind them.

So we decided to build one of our own.

A brand that will satisfy the strict health and safety standards that parents like us demand from our home and personal care products.

We decided to bring in products that are 100% natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. Products that did not harm even animals anywhere in their development cycle. Because our son loves animals too. :)

This is how MomDad was born. The fruit of our efforts is in front of you now. It has a noble motive and a strong functional need at heart.

After all, we figured, just like us, there must be many people out there who want to provide a safe, healthy and natural environment for their loved ones. Wouldn’t you agree?